About Us/Functions & Responsibilities at various levels

Minister, Commerce Industry & Employment

  • Overall incharge of the Department.
  • Empowered to grant financial sanctions.
  • Empowered to make reshuffle in the department.

Principal Secretary, Commerce Industry & Employment

  • Administrative Head of the department
  • Overall Incharge for coordination between departments and other State agencies.
  • Overall Incharge for coordination between State and Central Government.
  • Overall Incharge for policy related matters.

Industries Commissioner

  • Functional Head of the department.
  • Responsible for implementing the policies & guidelines issued by the State/ Central Government.
  • Responsible for creating infrastructure for industrialization.
  • Responsible for attracting investment in the State through industrialization.
  • Responsible for growth of small scale Industries & Large and Medium Industries in the State.

Director (SSI)

  • Functional Head of the Small Scale Industries & Employment Schemes.
  • Responsible for growth of Small Scale Industries in the State.
  • Responsible for creating employment opportunities for unemployed youth in the State.
  • Responsible for implementation of Self Employment Schemes in the State.
  • Responsible for training and Entrepreneurship Programmes for the Unemployed Youths
  • Responsible for Co-ordination between the Banks,State Agencies and Beneficiaries for successful implementation of Employment Schemes.

Director, Boilers

  • Functional Head of the Boiler related activities in the State.
  • Responsible for Safety of Boilers in the State.
  • Responsible for compliance of Indian Boiler Act in the State.
  • Responsible for Annual Inspections of Boilers and allied activities in the State.
  • Responsible for safe manufacturing and Repairing of Boilers in the state.
  • Responsible for safe transfer of Boilers within and outside of the state.
  • Responsible for timely organizing Boiler related Academic Activities such as Boiler attendants exams etc.
  • Responsible for creating safety awareness among the Boiler users.

Registrar, Firms and Societies

  • Functional Head of the Firms and Societies wing of the Department.
  • Overall In charge of the Registration matters of Firms, Societies etc.
  • Responsible for ensuring the compliance of the Act’s guidelines for the above mentioned activities.
  • Responsible for ensuring financial disipline among the Registered Firms and Societies.
  • Responsible for timely renewal of registration and revenue collection
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